We are hoping to fundraise money to cover the costs of attending the USA Ultimate Division III National Championships in May 2020. This event will be held in Columbus, Ohio and the fundraising will be used to make this event accessible to all members of the team (~25 people). These costs include transportation to and from Columbus and Middlebury, housing for all members of the team for three nights, the national players fee of roughly $50 per person, ground transportation at the event, and other associated costs of attending such as food.

While there is no guarantee that we will make it, we are confident in the team's ability to make it back to the event. As the reigning national champions, our team goal is to once again be at the top of the division and we have a strong returning core of players that will help us achieve this.

Every year, our team goal is to play at the highest levels of Division III ultimate and nationals is the pinnacle of our season. We hope that alumni, parents, friends and supporters of the program will donate to make this championship event less expensive for everyone on the team. In the case that we do not make it back to Nationals, these funds would be used to decrease the overall cost of the 2020 season and help pay for future Nationals appearances.

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