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Community Talk with Thom Shanker
Director of the Project for Media and National Security at George Washington University
Former New York Times National Security and Foreign Policy Editor

After capping an almost three-decade journalistic career with the New York Times and Chicago Tribune, Shanker was named Director of the Project for Media & National Security at George Washington University in June 2021. This program is dedicated to deepening public understanding of important, complex national security issues and providing media and the public with a greater understanding of the context and the nuances of the nation’s security challenges. To read more about his distinguished career, visit: link to his bio.


"Perestroika to Putin: Understanding How the U.S.-Russia Relationship
Became So Dangerous Today"

The Washington-Moscow relationship has frayed to the point of rupturing into full-blown crisis, even war. What steps can--or should--Washington take to mend these fault lines? Veteran foreign correspondent and editor Thom Shanker provides his insights based on decades in the field.



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